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About Zulya

My name is Zulya Rajabova, I am from Bukhara, Uzbekistan. I currently live in the New York City area. As founder and president of Silk Road Treasure Tours, I would like to introduce you to the wonderful travel experiences you will enjoy when visiting Central Asia. Learn about the ancient cities, history, archaelogical and historical sites. The treasures of the Silk Road are exotic and mysterious!

Discover Central Asia



I would like to welcome you to my homeland, Uzbekistan, and to experience the culture and hospitality of Central Asia.

For a thousand years, the five countries which make up Central Asia, were the “jewels” linking cities along the Silk Road.

After gaining independence from the U.S.S.R. in the 1990’s, the welcoming, friendly people of Central Asia are waiting for you to visit!  Your chance to see a world which was hidden from the western world.  Photographers, historians, anthropologists and archaeologists will marvel in the beauty, and preservation of ancient architecture and historical sites. You will see varied stunning landscapes, from deserts, mountains, valleys and gorges and be tempted by the exotic bazaars and the cuisine.  Experience the thrill of a camel ride through the desert!  Whether you are sipping tea in a chaikhana, visiting UNESCO sites, or venturing to Georgia’s Kakheti wine region, you will have memories of a lifetime and return home with intriguing stories and “magazine worthy” photographs to share.

I have created custom itineraries for small groups, lead by experienced English speaking local guides and contacts in each country for a seamless border crossing.  Your visas are also arranged by Silk Road Treasure Tours.

Each week I will introduce you to the various cultures of Central Asia, share my stunning photographs, and what you can expect on your adventure!

Until next week, why not think about traveling in the footsteps of Marco Polo?


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